Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dolly turns 3 months and Zellie turns 2!

Been too long since I last posted anything.

No time to attempt a catch up so we'll just start with the current haps.

Today baby Dolly is 3 months and tomorrow Zellie is 2 years old. Time really seems to just fly by these days. We already had a huge ( I'm talking disgusting- never again) size party for the girls earlier this month. We blessed the baby, hosted brunch, then had Zellie's ice cream party immediately following that. It was crazy! Even though it was nuts, I'm glad I did it. All my siblings were here in CA at the same time. It's been a long time since that has happened and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Some of my sisters stayed at my house with their kids for a few days after that and then it was off to Hawaii for a week! What a whirlwind it's been. August was way too busy and I'm glad it's almost over! It's been hot!!!! Crazy, I can hardly peel myself off the hot sweaty couch to get a cup of water, hot! Its almost fall and I am already missing Maryland and the beautiful season change. Oh well.

Baby is sleeping so I better turn out too while I have the chance. Photos to come.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I should be blogging about...

this cute patootie!

but it seems like a daunting task to catch up!

Lately my google searches have been consumed by these two topics:

across the United States!


first birthday with this theme:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Water Baby

I think that most babies love the water and Zellie is definitely no exception!  

Here's a video of our bath time fun featuring Zellie the Dolphin.

She seemed to like it so much we decided to sign up for Mommy/Daddy and Me classes.  Our first class was on Saturday and she did great and she absolutely loved it!

Ice Cream

Micah and I have a major problem.  We both suffer from a severe sweet tooth.
As we were indulging, we noticed an audience.  I felt so bad not sharing that I had to give in.

She hasn't had anymore since but it was fun watching her enjoy it.

Things we will miss...

Over President's Day weekend we had 70 degree weather, we spent as much time outside as possible.  We took Zellie to the park for the first time.  She loved the swings!  We also took a stroll through our woods and hiked to the river.  My gigantic suburban stroller finally paid off, the dirt paths were no match for the bike tires.

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